Wednesday , July 17 2024

A Fun Cat Themed Monopoly Board Game

Finally a cat themed monopoly board game instead of the normal one. I used to have a Pokemon themed one for several years ago but my youngest son broke it.

I think I had two to three of these kinds of board games. Now I can’t even find just one to play with. Maybe this is the time to get the kitty one.

I remember it is so much fun to play this kind of board game with the whole family and especially on rainy days or holidays. It can last for hours with out getting boring. This board game is designed for the ages of eight and up. It can play up to six players if you don’t know or remember.

We only have a family of four in this house, so the size is perfect for this game. This game is kind of nice to teach your kids about how to count money and the dice and also how to be patient to wait for your turn.

It looks like this is a fun theme to play with. In the normal themed game, you would have to pay the property tax but for this cat theme you would have to pay the dog tax to pass the bullying neighborhood. This is hilarious.


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