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Cat Car Neck Support Pillow With Headrest Strap

A cat designed car neck support pillow with headrest strap would be very nice to have when you are having a road trip or vacation. I wish I would have thought of getting one a very long time ago.

We usually take at least one road trip per year to visit my family in New York, and that is a very long drive from where we are living now. It takes about 29 hours and we have been doing this for many years now. We just seem to not like the idea of traveling by plane and we don’t like the hassle of going through the security check.

Sometimes if the plane is packed with people you won’t be able to find room to put your luggage when you are going in last for departing. That’s what happened to me the last time I took the airplane. I didn’t even have room to put my legs for the whole trip and not to mention I had to sit in the middle. I much prefer either the window or the aisle seat.

I would like to share with you three kitty designs that I like and found online. Well, to be accurate it is only 2 and a half kitty designs. LOL.. The last one only counts as half I guess. The last design is from the movie called “My Neighbor Totoro“. He doesn’t look like a full kitty, but instead some part of him looks like a kitty, owl and raccoon dog.

All three of these styles come with a headrest strap to easily strap it in place on your car headrest seat. These neck cushion pillows are very convenient for travel. They are small, comfy and light weight and especially super cute to stay in your car as decorations.

A Cute Chi Designed Car Neck Pillow

Have you watched the anime show called Chi’s Sweet Home? It is a very good show and very entertaining. The episodes are pretty short. They are about 2 to 3 minutes long.

I recommend you to watch it if you are a kitty lover. You can check this anime out by clicking here. Currently, this anime is in Japanese audio with English subtitles.

Anyway, let’s talk a little bit about this pillow. It looks super cute with Chi on it with her big happy smile. You can’t resist smiling along with her.

This item not only comes with 1 but a pair of pillows. It looks much better to have it for both seats in the front or back or would look even nicer if all the seats had it. It will bring smiles to people who pass by your car.

It looks very comfortable and easy to put over the car seat with its strap. The one showing the photo on here is called the Chi Chi Cat Beige color. There is another design called Chi Chi Cat Green color. That image looks totally different and it still looks very cute. I would prefer the one with her big happy smile though. If you want to take a look at the other design, you can do so by clicking here. The pillow is safe for machine washing.

Glow In The Dark Cat Neck Support Pillow For Car Use

Yes, you have read it right that this cushion pillow will glow in the dark with its eyes. It’s pretty nifty and scary at the same time.

My kids like things that glow in the dark. My youngest son even takes it to sleep with him. It might be a better choice to get it for your kids, but you also have to consider if the glowing eyes will scare your little one.

I think it is a little scary if you see a pair of glowing eyes in the dark no matter where it is. If you like to play a prank on others then this might be a better option. To be honest it does look very adorable and cute.

Just to let you know the eyes are in beige and it is not white color like you see in the picture. It comes with an elastic strap to secure on the car headrest. You might not notice a little cute fish on its ears. I thought I should point that out. They do have an image showing what it looks like when it is glowing in the dark. To check it out, you might want to click on the image or the check price button.

Here is how the glowing thing works. If you let it absorb more intense light it will glow longer and brighter. This item doesn’t come with a pair. It only comes with 1. If you need more than one then you need to add the number of quantity you want in the cart.

Totoro Car Seat Neck Rest Cushion Pillow

This cushion pillow has the very famous and popular Totoro design on it. I am pretty sure many of you already know who Totoro is. This style doesn’t look like an actual full cat but it is too cute to not share it.

The image on the left is showing the color of gray. If you like the almond color better than you may check it out by clicking here. Both colors and styles look pretty nice.

It comes with a set of two. The height for this pillow is about 4.7 inches with an elastic band to slip over the headrest car seat.

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