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Cute Umbrella With Cats For Baby Girls

Two available cute umbrella with cats designs for you to select from, if you are searching to buy an umbrella for your little girl. Sometimes it is a good idea to ask your little one to bring an umbrella with her to school or other places if the forecast says it is going to rain.

These days the weather forecast is pretty accurate. You should bring one especially if you are living in a place like New York City. You have to walk a lot if you don’t own a car. I usually put a compact one either in my purse or backpack every day just in case. I really don’t like getting wet. It is much easier to catch a cold that way.

Pink Lucky Cat Umbrella With Ears

This is the first time I’ve seen an umbrella design that has ears, eyes, nose and feet. It is pretty much the whole face of a kitty cat. It is kind of cool that you are almost like bringing your little kitty out for a walk in the rain.

Your little one can also bring this little pet to school every day if she wants to. Not to mention, it will protect her from the rain or sun.

This item is made with 100% Nylon. It is safe for children to use. It can be hand washed if it gets dirty. According to users, it is great for a five year old little girl.

It has dimensions of about 4 inches width and length, so you can judge from those measurements if it is a good size for your baby girl. Definitely a very cute design. If you like you can get the matching pink rain coat and umbrella set from here. The rain coat is adorable with a kitty and fishy design on it.

Cute Cat Prints Umbrella For Your Sweet Little Girl

Another cute parasol to stop your little girl from getting wet from the rain. This one is made with polyester fabric material. There are no sharp points to hurt your little baby because all of the tips are made with round shaped plastic.

According to my findings this umbrella is great for ages between 2 to 5 years old. A few can use it when they are actually 6 to 9 years old.

It really depends on how big your baby girl is. I mean my youngest son is even heavier than my oldest son. That is because my oldest son is very skinny compared to other kids his age.

You can click on the image to read the reviews. Most of the reviewers will tell you the age of their kid who is using it.

I have to say these two items are too beautiful to pick only one. It is hard to choose. I would probably buy both of them if I had a little girl. I might go with the one that has ears. You don’t get to see many ears on umbrellas. So this one is a little more unique compared to the other one.

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