Wednesday , July 17 2024

Inflatable Black Cat With Moving Head

If you are out of idea of what to decorate your front or back yard for the event of Halloween for your house then how about this inflatable black cat with moving head?

It is super cute and big. Like the title said its head can move from side to side.

Did I mention its body can light up for an awesome view at night time?

It includes everything that is required to set it up. That’s great, no need to spend more money on other things.

If you are wondering how big this inflatable is then let me tell you the answer. It is about 6 feet long.

Here are the dimensions for this kitty inflatable when it is inflated: 73 inches L x 51 inches H and  48.5 inches W.

It is quite big in my opinion. But if it is not big enough for you then you can go for one that is a 20 foot cat design. Don’t think this design is 20 feet long.

You may click here to check out this design that is 20 feet tall. It is almost as tall as a 2 story house. I think this one is better for a 2 story house since it is very tall.

You will definitely get a lot of attention to your house. Some people might even stop by and take a picture of it. The measurement for this 20 feet airblown is about 263″ L x 111″ W x 248″ H when it is inflated.

It comes with ground tethers and stakes and of course an inflator fan. I recommend this one to be used for outdoors instead of indoors since it is quite big. Unless your house is very tall and big, it might not fit inside.

To be honest with you, we have a two story house and I don’t think this will fit when it has been inflated. We definitely don’t mind setting it up in our front yard for Halloween.

If you are asking me which one to choose from between these two, I would most likely go with the one where its head can move. We like moving objects. LOL…… .

Besides, the price might be lower even though both of them can light up for night time views. It is really depending on your preferences. The moving head one is more popular and it has awesome ratings. Click the above picture to find out its current selling price.

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