Wednesday , July 17 2024

Green Color Kitten Ugly Christmas Sweater Wearing Santa Hat

Want to dress up a little different this Christmas year? Then how about this green color kitten ugly Christmas sweater wearing a Santa hat?

The sweater is in green color with a black cat wearing a red Santa hat in the middle. It looks adorable. I don’t understand why it is called ugly. To me it looks pretty nice and lovely to wear it on this big sharing holiday.

Not only can it be used for the Christmas holiday, a lot of people who bought this sweater are also wearing it for their ugly sweater party. A lot of them have received many compliments on it. If you are wearing it, you might have a lot of compliments too. That’s why I said it is NOT an ugly sweater.

This sweater is mostly made out of Acrylic material. It is recommended to be hand washed for cleaning if you want it to last longer.


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