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Black Kitty Cat Chair With Footstool For Toddlers

Black Kitty Cat Chair With Footstool For Toddlers

What a cute little kitty cat chair with footstool for toddlers, and it is in black color. Black color is good for most things.

It is less noticeable when it gets dirty. You can bet it will have some dirt since this is a toddler lounge chair.

My youngest son is always making his things dirty and he is always the one who breaks them too. Oh well, that’s what kids do anyway.

I really don’t mind getting this chair for my son but he is too old for it. I might consider buying it for my nephew. He is currently one years old.

He has plenty of time to use it before he grows out of it. I know he likes kitty stuff, because they own a black kitty. Here is what I like the most about this cool chair.

  • It is a cat designed in black.
  • It not only looks cute but is also usable as well. You can use it to decorate your sweet baby’s room.
  • It doesn’t use that much space, especially since you can put the footstool inside the chair when it is not being used. To be honest, it looks even more adorable when the footstool is put back inside the chair. That just completes the whole kitty head with the face and ears.
  • It is convenient to move it around places.
  • The chair only weighs about 16.7 pounds, so it is pretty lightweight.

This chair is more for the ages between 3 to 5 years old. If your kids are older than that then it might not be a good choice to get it for them. Well actually it depends, depending on the growth and size of your baby. Some kids are smaller or bigger for their age. My youngest one is big for his age. He has to wear really big sized clothes and bigger than my oldest son. LOL……

I forgot to mention the assembled measurement for this adorable chair. For the height, it is 17.5 inches, the width is 21 inches and as for the length, it is 33 inches. When the seat is assembled  it is about 9 inches in height.


Consumers who bought this chair are very happy and saying their kids love it. They are using it for a decorating item when it is not being used. The foot rest can also be used as a seating item.

It is suitable for both boys and girls since it is in black color and not in pink just for girls only. This chair is definitely a good buy. It has very high ratings. It makes a very great gift to give to your loved ones. Click here to check this adorable little chair out.

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