Saturday , May 25 2024

Grumpy Looking Cat Slippers For Adults

Are you looking for some cat slippers for adults? How about this Grumpy looking cat slipper? It looks pretty adorable and it will keep your feet warm during winter time.

If you were like me, I always have to wear this kind of slipper either in winter or summer time to keep my feet warm in the house because I always have cold feet and I really don’t like that feeling. I guess I can’t live without it.

I have bought many pairs of animal slippers but I think this kitty one is the best and cutest looking one. It looks so fuzzy and soft to touch. You will be enjoying taking him walking around anywhere inside of your house.

What size shoe do you wear? My shoe size is around 7 and a half to 8, so it is long enough for me. Some people have big feet so they need a bigger size, but this slipper can be worn up to 11.5 inch long.

I guess one size fits all unless your shoe size is longer than that. I think even a man can wear it with that size. I am wondering if any man will wear it? Do you know any? I am just curious. I know for sure my hubby won’t wear it even though he has a shoe size of 10 and he is a crazy cat lover. 😛


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