Saturday , May 25 2024

White Cat Shaped Pop Up Note Dispenser

You can’t leave out this white cat shaped pop up note dispenser if you already own the Kitty Tape Dispenser. If not I suggest getting them both, because these two match perfectly with each other in your office or home desk.

I am pretty sure you use sticky notes all the time. I use them all the time to remind me to do something on certain things and days. They are pretty handy and you can stick them anywhere to get your attention.

This one is also made by the company 3M with a product line name Post it which is making famous sticky notes. This is a very adorable and fun dispenser. It can hold a size of 3 inch x 3 inch Post it sticky notes.

This note dispenser includes one 3″ x 3″ note pad, but the colors will be varied. Besides, whatever color it includes will look pretty nice with this pretty little adorable thing.

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