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Happy Fairy Tail Plush Backpack For Toddler or Cosplay

A Happy Fairy Tail plush backpack for your little toddler to play with or use it as an accessory for your cosplay if you are a Fairy Tail fan. Just in case you don’t now who is Happy, I will explain a little bit.

Happy is a blue kitty cat looking character but with wings that he can fly with and takes Natsu to places and also helps him fight during the battle. He loves eating fish and saying the word “Aye”. Two words to describe of him are “super cute” that I have to share with you guys.

I am a big fan of this series. I have been watching it for a very long time and continuing to chase after the ending of this show. It is really that entertaining. If you haven’t watched it, I recommend you to give it a try. This show is very addictive.

This item really is not a backpack. It is more of a plush but has a little pouch on his head that you can put little items in. You can either put a cellphone or a wallet, but most likely there is not enough room to put both.

If your toddler like to bring along their plush to where ever they go then this is an excellent item. You don’t just have to hold it on the hand but instead you can just let your toddler or kid carry it on their back. It is much more convenient and decreases the chance of it getting lost. You don’t have to worry that it won’t fit your baby’s back. The straps are adjustable. This cute little plush bag is about 16 inches tall. He looks just like an angel with his wings.

Cosplay fan, this is a great addition to your cosplay if you are dressing up as Natsu. You can’t leave your best buddy out of the fun. After all you guys grew up and do almost everything together.


This item has a very high average rating online. Most raters are very happy with their purchase. The only complaint is the pouch is too small that you can’t put that many things in there.

Bottom line: It is a cute little plush that you can put a small amount of items in to hold coins or cards. After all, it is designed to be used for toddlers or kids. The pouch is just a little addition. It is a great buy according to the users. If you like you can read more reviews by clicking here.

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