Saturday , May 25 2024

Sparkling Silver Looking Cat Ring Holder

Oh wow, check out this sparkling silver looking cat ring holder. It is in a shape of a kitty cat. It looks like you can hold up quite a few rings in this little beautiful thing. I am pretty sure we all have more than one ring. Even I have three myself. Sometimes, I don’t wear them.

Having a ring holder is much easier to find later when you have taken them off to do things, such as cleaning the house, doing the dishes or cooking your favorite meal.

You really don’t want to wear them while doing those tasks, because it will make them dirty and will dull their shininess. And most important of all they are the symbol of your love for your loved one, if that is a wedding or engagement ring.

Not to mention, it is possible it could fall into the sink. It is really hard to get it back when that happens. You really don’t want to go through that trouble.

How many rings can you actually hold in this thing? Well actually I can’t tell you how many because it really depends on the size of your rings, like the thickness of your rings. Some can hold up to 20 when they are very thin and some hold much less.

This cute little thing is designed by Umbra Design Group with the designer name Alan Wisniewski. A lot of people who bought this item are very happy with it.


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