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Cute Ceramic Kitty Cat Measuring Cup Set For Kitchen

I need a new set of measuring cups for my cooking. When I was doing my research, I have found these super cute ceramic kitty cat measuring cups that I am so in love with. Maybe, I will also buy a set for my relative who loves kitties for this Christmas present.

You can also do the same thing if you are out of gift ideas. Some people just buy this item as a collectors item for using for decoration and using the normal kind of measuring thing.

I do kind of agree with the collectors. I don’t have the heart to use it. They are just too cute to be used. You can always use this one as a spare.

What I like about this item is that it is made with ceramic material instead of plastic. I think it is supposed to be more heavy duty than plastic and of course it will also be a little more heavy in terms of weight. Does anyone like me not like the smell of plastic? I don’t mind if it’s a little heavy but I do mind ones with plastic.

It comes with 4 cups or bowls with the sizes of 1, 1/2, 1/3 and 1/4 in the following colors: light grey, cream, black and dark grey. I think you can also use it to feed your baby with baby food if you are out of bowls with the 1 cup size. During that time babies usually don’t eat that much and need to be fed more often, so I think that is a perfect option for it.

I don’t recommend if you are using it for yourself to eat. As you know it will be too small for it. Seriously, this item is really meant to be used as a baking bowl instead of a dinnerware.

Should you wash this in a dishwasher? If it were me I would most likely hand wash them with Dawn with a sponge. I consider this is a delicate item and too precious to wash in a dishwasher. 😛

If you decided to get this and it comes broken due to poor packing, I would recommend you to contact the seller. They are most likely to give you a replacement instead of not doing anything.


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