Blue Cat Shaped Metal Trash Can With Lid

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Need a trash can? What about this blue cat shaped metal trash can with lid? It looks really neat and decorative and can be used for indoor or outdoor.

If you have a kitty theme in your house, this will match very nicely. You can never have too many wastebaskets in the house. I think we need at least one in each room without having to walk to the nearest one too many times.

When you are using it outdoors a lot more people will be able to enjoy or see this beautiful item. Who knows, it might help you to catch a mouse or two. LOL……

You don’t have to worry about it getting wet or if the wind is strong enough to blow it away like a normal plastic wastebasket because it is made with metal material. It is heavy enough to withstand the wind. It has a cover, so the water won’t be able to get inside.

This item is very easy to use and clean up. All you have to do is step on that sunflower looking base and its head or cover will pop up to open it for you. No need to use your hand to open it. It’s very convenient if both of your hands are not free at that very moment.

Inside of the kitty, it has another bucket to hold your trash. That bucket has a handle and you can use that handle to lift it up to empty your trash.



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