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Beautiful Cat Table Lamp With Shade

Do you need a cat table lamp with shade for your room at night time? I have listed three of my favorite designs for you to select from.

If you need a baby shower gift idea or to use it in a baby room then you should go with the first one called the Country Kitties Lamp and if you need an easier to turn on light then I would recommend the second one called ORE K302 Lighting Lamp. It has a 3 way touch setting.

1. Country Kitties Lamp by Jurgen Scholz

This is a really beautiful table lamp with all the kitties playing outdoors. I think this lamp will be an excellent item in a baby room and it will be even better if you have the room in a kitty theme. So it is an excellent gift for a baby shower for a kitty lover.

It’s so adorable the kittens are climbing on the tree and I especially like the part where one of the kitties is trying to catch that butterfly. It is very creative.

This is a limited edition item from The Bradford Exchange. That means there are only a limited number of these made.

I found the customers online who bought this item are very happy. They love the design, the quality and the workmanship. It has exceeded their expectations.

It comes with a free standard 13 watt light bulb and it is UL approved. It is a pull chain on and off.

Country Kitties Lamp by Jurgen Scholz

2. ORE K302 Lighting Lamp With Cat Theme

Here is another very nice looking table or nightstand lamp. The shade panels are made out of glass and it looks like a flower. Each panel has the design of two kitties sitting inside the box with flowers around them.

The color for this item is Brushed Gold and it matches perfectly with the glass panels. What I like about this lamp is it is a 3 way touch for the setting of the brightness. It makes it very convenient to turn on or off with just simply a touch away.

You don’t even need to look for the switch or the pull chain to turn it off or on. I have a pull chain lamp on my night stand. It is hard to find the pull chain to turn it on in the middle of the night.

If I had found this one first, I would definitely buy this one instead of my current one, and besides it looks so antique and elegant.

This kitty light is about 23.5 inches tall and about 7 pounds. It uses a 25 watt standard light bulb. Just to let you know, it does require you to assemble it. It might be a good idea to get a pair of these for each nightstand.

ORE International K302 Lighting Lamp With Cat Theme

3. Dancing Kitty Lamp

Have you seen a kitty dance before? As for me I haven’t until I saw this item. Yes, this kitty light is called the Dancing lamp. Pretty funny and cute right? It would be very interesting to see a real kitty dance in real life.

The light has the shape of a kitty and not only just one but four instead. It is a bunch. I guess you can call them kitty dancers.

This item weighs about 3.8 pounds with an on or off switch which is located in the UL cord. Click the picture or the check price button to find out the current price or read its reviews by the customers who purchased it.

Dancing Kitty Lamp

4. Verdugo Curious Cat Lamp

This one is called the Curious Cat Lamp. Yes, the design for this lamp is the cat looking up at the lamp and that makes the kitty look curious.

This one is also in the shape of a cat. It’s sort of like a statue. It is very nifty and exquisite. This one will look even better in a pair for your night stands.

The design is made out of metal and polyresin for the shape of the kitty and as for the shade it is made out of cloth. The power cord is about 54 inches long and requires use of max 40W type A light bulb.

Note, light bulb doesn’t come with it. It requires you to buy it separately. The measurement is for the shade: 13 3/4″ diameter x 8″ high and as for the base it is 6 1/2″ diameter x 14 1/4″ high.

Curious Cat Lamp

Cat Table Lamp With Shade
Cat Table Lamp With Shade

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