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A Cat Shaped Table Fan For Your Bedroom

Anyone need a cat shaped table fan to keep them cool in their bedroom while sleeping at summer time? I would like that idea. I am living in Texas on the second floor.

When it is in the summer, it is very hot sleeping in my room, unless I set the air conditioner to a lower temperature. But I don’t like that idea.

A fan is more practical for me instead of lowering the temperature. First, my electric bill will go higher, because I have a central air conditioner. Second, I don’t want my kids to easily catch a cold. They usually kick off their blanket while they are sleeping.

Third, the sound of my air conditioner is very loud. I don’t like it to keep waking me up, because I am a very light sleeper and can wake up very easily.

Here is what I like about this fan.

It is pretty much I can put this fan where ever I want it to put it, on a table, nightstand and even on the floor. It is very convenient to move to a different location. It is pretty light weight and it is not that hard to operate it.

All it requires is to plug it in and turn on the switch button. There is only one setting for the speed. How simple is that? I don’t like having to read a lot of instructions from the manual to learn how to operate a gadget. Sometimes, the more features it has, the more complicated it is to operate it and you might not remember all the settings.

This fan has about a 7 inch by 8 inch measurement. It is made out of cast metal material with a very antique look. It has a 30 watt motor and has an approved UL. It is quiet when it is being turned on. It will cool you off to sleep soundly every hot night.


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