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6 Best Cat Cookie Jars For Sale For Cat Lovers

If you are searching for a cat cookie jar to put away your delicious cookies then I have found six different designs of them for you to select from. Each one of them has its own uniqueness and all of them look so nice and beautiful.

It will look very nice on your counter and makes a very great gift for a house warming party. If you are out of cookies, you can also use it to put other stuff, like candy, snacks and anything you can think of.

Note: When I say best on this post, it just means these are the ones I would get for a cat cookie jar.

1. Chester The Cat Food Container

This would be my number one choice, if I needed a cookie jar. Actually, I do need one and I don’t have one in the house, and also we love eating cookies.

My favorite cookie is oatmeal and my family members like chocolate chips. Chocolate chips are not bad but I can’t eat anything that has caffeine in it and I can’t even drink my favorite Dr. Pepper. Lucky they make one without caffeine in it. It is due to a health condition.

The colors for this one are black and white with a little red heart shape for the heart saying “cookie”. It is pretty cool and easy to use. All you have to do is just lift up his tail to open the jar.

Obviously, this item is not safe to wash in the dishwasher because it is recommended to be washed by hand.

The lid has a gasket seal to stop it from chipping and your cookies from getting stale. This container is made with ceramic material with a very glossy finish.

It looks like this style is more popular when compared with others. It also has a very high rating among consumers. If you don’t believe me you can find out by just clicking the picture from below.

[asa tpl=”flat_box_vertical” align=”center”]B001HDKYJQ[/asa]

This cat shaped jar has been out in the market for a while and it is still pretty popular with consumers. The average rating for this jar is super high. If you don’t believe me click the above picture to see for yourself. If you need a matching pair of salt and pepper shakers then click here.

2. Alice In Wonderland Cheshire Cat Cookie Jar

This pink color kitty cat is my second choice for a jar. I love the way it looks and this kitty sure does bring back memories of watching Alice in Wonderland.

Many kids love this movie and it is still very popular. I sometimes still watch it even though I am an adult. I guess I just won’t get tired of this movie.

This cookie jar makes Cheshire look like a goody goody cat when he was actually giving Alice a very hard time. Hehehe…. You can’t beat that look and that big smile on his face.

This item is made by Enesco from the Disney collection with ceramic material. It can’t be put in the microwave and it is recommended to be hand washed for clean up.

The size is about 10 inches tall and 7 1/2 inch wide at the base. It will be a very great gift for someone who loves Alice in Wonderland.

You can also buy this style of cookie jar from amazon by clicking here. The average rating for this one is also high. It is even higher than the first one that I have picked, but the above one is a lot more popular. It is really depending on which style you like the best. If you want a matching pair of salt and pepper shakers for this style then click here.

3. Hand-Painted Kitty Hinged Jar

This little meow meow jar is made by Boston Warehouse. It has an obedient look and is waiting for you to take a cookie from her.

This one is made out of high quality earthenware composition. The kitty has a metal ring around her neck, that is to lock and seal the air tight to keep your cookies fresh a lot longer.

This is not limited to only be used to store cookies, you can use it to store coffee, tea, and cocoa. Whichever you want to store is your choice.

[asa tpl=”flat_box_vertical” align=”center”]B003M5N4JY[/asa]

There are lot more people who have given this design a rating when being compared to the other designs. The average rating is lower than the above two styles the last time I checked while writing this article. The rating is still very good though.

4. Marvel Goose The Cat Flerken Cookie Jar

What do you think? Doesn’t this one look a little like a puppy with a collar on its neck? Well to me it does, but it still looks pretty darn cute and elegant. I don’t mind having it in my kitchen even though it is not my number one or second choice.

If you are planning to put a lot of cookies in it then this one might not be a good choice for you. The better choices might be 1 or 2 from above.

[asa tpl=”flat_box_vertical” align=”center”]B07ZBN3LD2[/asa]

This little kitty is about 9 inches tall and 6 inches wide. It is made with durable ceramic material. Don’t forget it is not microwave safe. Who would put this in a microwave anyway right?

Oh yeah you can find another version of cookie jar of Goose the cat from Capital Marvel by clicking here. It has a gold finished look. So if you don’t like the above style then you can go with the gold colored one.

5. Art & Artifact Cat Kitchen Canister

Yes this one is just like a normal canister except the cover has a face of a cat and with ears. Your stored snacks in the canister should last longer for freshness since it has an airtight locking seal built in it.

[asa tpl=”flat_box_vertical” align=”center”]B07VGB4GRQ[/asa]

The canister is about 8 inches tall and 5 inches in diameter.

6. Vandor Dr. Seuss The Cat in The Hat

Oh wow, take a look at this Dr. Seuss the cat in the hat. Isn’t it cool looking? Who doesn’t know Dr. Seuss the cat in the hat these days, especially little kids. We all love reading his books right?

Anyway, your little girl or boy might be very surprised to see this in the kitchen if you bring it home.

[asa tpl=”flat_box_vertical” align=”center”]B07QGG2QLL[/asa]

This Dr. Seuss jar is about 8 inches x 5.75 inches x 9.5 inches in height. You should hand wash this for cleaning.


Care to share which one of these cat cookie jars is your favorite in the comment section? Just wondering which one has the most votes. Thanks in advance!

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