Cat Figurine Metal Wine Bottle Holder

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Do you love drinking wine? How about bringing this decorative cat figurine metal wine bottle holder to your dining table? It might add a little more flavor to your wine. It has a unique and exquisite look. You will surely be proud of owning it.

This kitty cat is hand created with steel material. It can hold any kind of standard wine bottle. It is a good idea to get a wine bottle holder to serve on the table if you love to drink and having guests over.

It just makes it harder to spill or drop on the floor or something when the bottle still has wine. I bet you don’t like having to clean up that mess and not to mention if you are not careful enough you might cut your finger with the broken glass.

If that happens I do suggest to use a broom or brush to sweep it into a dust pan. You really don’t want to touch the sharp glass with your bare hands. That way, you will most likely not have a cut and bleed. Just be a little more cautious and enjoy your wine. Cheers!


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